Our Founders


Matthew Friedberg

At the forefront of Intrinsic is Matthew Friedberg, a Columbia University alum and a former competitive karate champion. With a unique blend of academic brilliance and athletic excellence, Matthew has been a pivotal force in shaping the company’s vision.

Matthew was accepted into Columbia's Masters of Human Nutrition program, demonstrating a dedication to impacting lives through better dietary choices. This passion led to the inception of Intrinsic. The brand's protein bars are a direct reflection of Matthew's philosophy: high-quality nutrition is key to optimal health and performance.

Under his guidance, Intrinsic stands as more than just a health food company; it's a testament to the belief that what we eat fundamentally shapes our health and capabilities.


Sarra Paige Laskin

Our distinguished COO and co-founder at Intrinsic MRKT, is an extraordinary force in the nutrition sector. As a holistic health coach and renowned private chef, she has extensively specialized in the formulation of plant-based foods aimed at combatting inflammation.

With the establishment of her own successful venture, Holistically Kosher, she demonstrated her deep understanding of the prepared foods industry, seamlessly managing the expansion from individual family meal prep to catering for large events and philanthropic causes.

Sarra is concurrently pursuing an MBA at Sy Syms School of Business, enriching her solid business acumen with an academic edge. This unique blend of expertise in healthful culinary creations and business strategy has culminated in the development of our line of protein bars, each embodying her commitment to using healthy and natural ingredients.

Sarra's relentless dedication to her culinary and academic pursuits, paired with her rich experience in the food industry, ensures that she is an invaluable asset in our mission to promote a healthier world.


Joshua Greenberg

Co-founder and head of creative and technology Intrinsic MRKT, is the visionary behind the brand's aesthetic and overall experience.

Drawing from his rich background at Google, he employs a nuanced understanding of user experiences and design to create a brand that perfectly melds luxury with nutrition.

His aesthetic sensibility is echoed throughout Intrinsic MRKT, from the minimalist packaging to the broader brand narrative that promotes an elevated lifestyle.

In Joshua's hands, a protein bar is transformed into a refined, guilt-free indulgence that effortlessly complements the high-end fitness consumer's quest for wellness and style. With Intrinsic MRKT, Joshua has brilliantly merged his tech background with his passion for health, offering more than just a protein bar - but a lifestyle choice that embodies the fusion of fitness, luxury, and sophisticated taste.