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The Intrinsic 12G Bar

Scientifically crafted, the Intrinsic 12G Bar delivers 12 grams of organic egg white protein for muscle support. It is paired with low-glycemic natural sweeteners to provide balanced energy. Enriched with omega-3-rich chia seeds and fiber, this bar is designed for optimal health. It is free from artificial additives, aligning with the highest standards of cleanliness.

Standing out on the shelves with its sleek, modern design, each Intrinsic 12G Bar packs 26 grams of organic egg white protein, catering to fitness enthusiasts and health-minded customers. Its natural, low-glycemic sweeteners and omega-3-rich chia seeds embody a balance of taste and nutrition. Free from artificial additives, this bar sets a new standard in clean eating. It's an ideal addition for stores looking to expand their selection of wholesome snacks.